You need further information, have some particular questions about a photoshoot, how it happens...?

Here are some of the Frequent Asked Questions we were asked:


1. I never did a photoshoot with a professional photographer, what should I do?

CABC: "No worries, we are here to guide you through the shooting, and will you know step by step what to do. Also, we can meet before for a Free Consultation and highlight what we will do"


2. I don't know how to pose.

CABC: "The photographer is having an assistant on set who will help and guide you throughout the session"


3. Can I bring different clothes, attires?

CABC: "Sure! Most of the time, we will ask you that question when preparing your contract. Unless some exception, our answer is yes, as long as it fits the time. And good news, we also have a foldable changing room, so you don't have to struggle when we are outdoor" 


4. What's about the location? 

CABC: "Same as for the attires, we can do a shooting in one scenery, or different ones as long as it fits the planned time. If we are close to a beach, with woods close by, and maybe a city with charming areas, we can divide the time to do a couple of shots in all areas. Obviously, if we have one hour shooting, and we need 15-30 mins driving/walk between both areas, we end up with less pictures"


5. How many pictures do I get?

CABC: "Contrary to some photographers, we do not give an amount of edited pictures we would send you. Too many factors are involved during a shooting (people around, change of set or attire, changing light, experience of the model in posing, ...). We sometime take several hundreds raw pictures, sometime, several thousands. Giving you a precise number of edited picture you would receive is an open door to not be able to match that number and result in giving you 'less good' pictures."


6. Do you send us a CD, or USB?

CABC: "Nowadays, pictures are placed on our website once edited. You receive an email to access your album, and a password to download them. Careful, they might be heavy as they are high resolution. On demand, we can provide you a USB or a CD (for a small fees)"


7. What's about prints and photobooks?

CABC: "We are partnering with different photolabs, and shops, in order to propose our customers prints in different sizes, finish, as well as photobooks, albums, and other products (mug, key chain, tee-shirt, ...). Ask us to get information/prices about those"


8. Are you providing the raw pictures or footages?

CABC: "We never give the raw of what we have shot. We only provide worked and edited pictures or videos, using professional software. The editing is done by a PhD professional artist"


9. Are you also doing videography?

CABC: "Yes, we have a couple of video camera, with professional microphone, and can include videography on all our packages"


10. Can I have 2 photographers at my wedding? or 1 photographer and 1 videographer?

CABC: "Yes, we are both photographers and have different cameras in our company. On demand, we can both photoshoot during an event. If necessary, Alex-Brice can do the video in parallel of Candice taking photos. For any event, we can also hire/collaborate with a second shooter (another photographer) to finally have 2 photographers and 1 videographer."


11. Do you shoot indoor or only outdoor?

CABC: "Our company do not own 'yet' a photostudio as mainly we shoot outdoor, or on client's properties. However, there are different photostudio for rent per hour (or per 2 hours). The cost of the rent (~ $ 30 to $ 100 depending on the studio) will be added to your invoice. Some of them include lighting, props, furnitures, ... We do own our own lighting systems, backdrops to bring with us on site"


12. I would like to do a boudoir but I don't want having a male photographer.

CABC: "And that is fine, and you would not be the first. We are a wife and husband company and have both participated in boudoirs. However, at booking, precise this information to us and you can specifically have Candice for the photoshoot. AB will eventually come to help set up the lights and so on, but will step out during the photoshoot."


13. Are you proposing bridal photoshoot as part of a wedding? Or getting ready pictures?

CABC: "Yes we propose both of them. On a regular wedding package, 'getting ready' pictures are actually included. Bridals can be added to the wedding package or as a stand alone. When included with the wedding, we are offering you a discount of the bridal photoshoot. For both bridal and bride 'getting-ready' pictures, you can choose specifically to have ONLY Candice conducting the session. Of course, men can also ask the man-equivalent of those shootings, and ask AB to conduct the session."


14. How do I book a session?

CABC: "Different way. 1. you can contact one of us by email/phone and we will set up the session, and send you the contract for signature. 2. you can also book yourself the session using our online booking system and pay online. The booking request will be sent to us for approval. Once approved, you will be charged for the session and will receive the contract for signature. If we cannot approve this particular date/time, we will contact you to find another one."


15. How method of payment do you accept?

CABC: "We do accept cash, checks and credit/debit cards"


16. Can I pay in several payments?

CABC: "Depending of the package and the amount, we can set up different payments. You, however, need to pay at least the no-refundable deposit and sign the contract to book a session. The full amount is due 30 days before the shooting for weddings, and 15 days before for the other packages."


17. What if I need to postpone or cancel my session?

CABC: "We can postpone to a later date if necessary, but let us know minimum 24 hours before the shooting. For any cancellation, we would refund you the session fees minus the non-refundable deposit"


18. I might be late to my session.

CABC: "If you know you are going to be late, let us know as soon as possible. If our planning allow it and we are not yet on set, we can postpone the shooting for 30 mins - 1 hour and still do the full duration. If we are already on set, we would stay there and wait for you for up to 30 mins after when we will leave. Once you arrive, we will conduct the shooting for the time remaining."


19. Can I bring someone with me?

CABC: "You can definitely bring someone to the shooting to support you, to help you relax if you are stressed. We just ask that this person stay out of the camera field of view so we can conduct the photoshoot smoothly. Try to avoid bringing children (unless it is planned they participate to the shooting) as they tend to go in front of the camera, which results in less pictures. Trust us, it happened."


20. I am below 21 years old, should I bring someone?

CABC: "Yes, if you are not an adult, we require you to have one of your parents with you on set and we will also be the both of us. Your parent also needs to counter-sign your contract"


21. I want a photoshoot you are not advertising on your list? I don't see the price for one particular photoshoot I am looking for?

CABC: "It is not a problem. Contact us directly and we will see if we can do it. If not, we are in touch with other photographers and we will find a way"


22. How soon can I receive my pictures?

CABC: "Usually between 3-4 weeks for a regular photoshoot, 4-8 weeks for a wedding. Sometime, if we are not busy, you can receive them far earlier"


23. We are a same-sex couple, can you still be our wedding photographer?

CABC: "We are LGBT+ friendly, and non-discriminatory. Of course we can conduct your photoshoot. However, the opposite is true, we do NOT accept any discrimination towards us, our clients, or the people around us. Any discrimination would result in the direct end of the photoshoot."


24. I am in the military. Are you offering any discounts for us?

CABC: "On demand and justification of your status, yes, we will very happily offer you a discount"


25. Are you offering discounts on photoshoots, on particular events?

CABC: " Yes we do. Throughout the year, we conduct limited-time offers, and discounts on some services and photoshoot. Keep an eye on our specials, and our blog to know when it happens. you can also follow our Facebook page and sign to our newsletter to be notified"


You are still having a question, and did not find the answer here? Just ask us. This list is not exhaustive and we continuously complement it.