Photographer or no Photographer, that is the question.

Do I need a professional Photographer/Videographer? Or can I take my pictures myself?

Professional photography is a service and cost money. We are all looking at making some economies.

While organizing an event, a wedding, or a birthday party, and selecting among the various professional vendors we may need, how many times did you hear someone asking if you should discard the photographer or the videographer, and ask an uncle or brother to do it? 


I have the answer: "Often" or even "Most of the time"


Photography/Videography is often looked at something easy to do.

"I take pictures everyday with my smartphone, and they look great. I'll do your wedding !"


Well, it might be true and a good option for your last afternoon at the park or zoo, or the Sunday lunch BBQ. Our phones are filled with similar pictures.

What do they have in common?

  • We often don't really look at them twice
  • They got lost in your phone albums, or when getting a new phone
  • They got uploaded on social media and shared with family and friends. Over there, they mostly end up being light, have a low resolution, ...
  • AND, more importantly, they are not unique, a one time event. You often can go back to the park another time if needed.



Is that the same with your daughter's wedding? Your son's birth? Your grand daughter graduation? Or your portfolio as a model?


For those major events, you:

  • Cannot repeat the event because you forgot charging the batteries, the memory card was lost, and the pictures not backed up
  • Need being able to show these pictures year after year to new family members and friends, at new events...
  • Want high quality and high resolution so you can differentiate Uncle Ben from Cousin Bruce in the background
  • Don't want being stressed by the importance of that particular day and end up seeing only feet in the picture of the bouquet toss



But, here are also the reasons you want to invest on booking a photographer and/or videographer:

1. They are using expensive cameras, lenses, lights, backdrops, microphone, reflectors, software

          so they can capture all the details of your dress, sun reflection on your hairs or your vows.

2. They have experience of what is important to be captured throughout your event

they know where to look, when to click, when to be ready                  

3. They have knowledge of the settings, where to position the light/sun or how to focus attention on you

       that would be a shame to have a too dark picture of the newlyweds, or not hearing the "I do" on the ceremony video

4. Spend hours at the event capturing your favorite moments, guests...

so you don't have to, and can stay focused on what matter and enjoy the party   

5. Editing, retouching, use of professional software through hours of footage and thousands of pictures

        the task of having good photos does not stop once the party is over, many hours are still required afterward

6. Often have a second shooter for another angle, or an assistant to give a hand carrying something

you don't have to spare anyone, the photographer will find who is needed (veil, dress, reflectors,...)    

7. Have gone through many similar events so can be source of information and advice, related or not to their work

      how many times did you get married? Still not sure on the size of the print, what group for family pictures, indoor or outdoor ...

                                     the photographer can help you decide, advise on different solutions and choices

8. A photographer is an artist, creative, has an eye to find the magical spot, the outstanding pose, or the unthinkable prop needed on that particular shot

in the stress of the event, among the thousand things needed to be thought of, you don't need to worry about those questions, she/he knows     

9. Where is Dad on the baby pictures? Was Uncle Tom at our wedding? I wish we would have a picture of that romantic lake where you proposed!

     don't miss anyone when immortalizing your important moments, and you don't need to stay behind your camera during all the wedding. Enjoy, and relax, we got you!