Update: CABC Artistry LLC & CoVid-19

April 12, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Dear all, 

First, Happy Easter to everyone.

We also wanted to share an update with you on the CoVid-19 situation and where we stand.

1. Update on the virus

2. Update on our activities/future plans


1. Update on the virus

On March 30th, 2020, the Governor of Virginia ordered a Stay-At-Home temporary executive order.

Obviously, our company (CABC Artistry LLC) is following very closely the situation and respect this executive order. All our photoshoots performed by our branch CABC Photography, were cancelled or postponed until an undetermined date with common agreement between us and our clients, for the safety of everyone. 

Today, 5,077 were confirmed as contaminated in Virginia and 130 have died. The most recent news provided by the scientists really highlight that no-one is safer than someone else. People is very good health, sportive, in their prime age died from it, while some newborn or elderly survived. Each of us can catch it, with very different ranking symptoms or silently pass it to a family member, a friend, a colleague without knowing how sensitive they would be.

This is why we have to closely respect the social distancing (better safe than sorry, right?), wash you hands, be careful to not bring it back home. The virus can stick to papers/envelops/packages/shoes for some time. Enough time for you to bring it back home and get contaminated.

It is better to be extra cautious (too cautious) for a short amount of time, instead of not enough, increasing the duration of the current situation and its impacts.


2. Update on our activities / future plans

So, where do we stand in this ? Let's answer some of the questions we are receiving from you.

As said above, we stopped all activities involving meeting with people: consultation to set up your photoshoot, wedding, ..., photoshoot itself, videography of your event. Some of them are (or will be) rescheduled. Some will be unfortunately cancelled.

We are lucky to be able to keep the company open for activities no requiring meeting physically people. We have photos to work on, and we can speak to people remotely.

So what we propose you for the future:

- If you have question on one our services, feel free to check our website www.CABCArtistry.com to get information on our work, our services, our rates (www.CABCArtistry.com/Investments). Feel free to contact us (www.CABCArtistry.com/contact.html) if you have any question, or require some information, or would like to set up a consultation.

- If you would like a free consultation to check what could be done for your event/wedding, we will propose you a phone call, video conference. We can still take a coffee together....but in video.

- You can book us for an event/wedding. What we will do exceptionally, it is to keep the event date open. So, for the events without a definite date, we will keep you by order of booking. Once the situation is hopefully going away and we are all authorized to go out, we will contact each of you in the same order and try to find a suitable date for your photoshoot. We understand that some events have a date not linked to the availability of the photographers, such as weddings, ceremonies, ... At booking, if you know the date when your event was postponed, let us know so we can check our availability. If you don't know yet, we will keep it open. As soon as you know, update us. In the case we are not available, we will work with you in finding an alternative photographer (working with our company) or offer you a full refund (deposit included) and direct you to another photography company. We will also increase the number of possible payments in our payment plan.

In a time like now, we have to all work together. People are suffering from loss of income or even job, businesses are suffering from loss of activities and therefore revenues. Exceptional situations require exceptional actions. Nothing is impossible as long as we did not discussed it together.


We look forward to hear from you. Fill the contact form (To be found here: contact form) to stay updated on the situation, receive our newsletters on our offers/services... and as we usually are offering discounts for military/army/veterans, we are now including medicals/nurses because of their excellent and life saving work.



Candice & AB


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